A demonstration site has been set in the Enxaneta school in Viladecans, Spain, in order to validate the system performance. The educational center was openned in 2012-2013 course and is one of the biggest in the municipality. It has a construction area of 4.987,60 m2 with three floors and a total plot area of 8.000 m2. In the building there are 40 classrooms, one gym with its locker room, a dining room and a kitchen, a library and a local for meetings. The school has optical fiber, light sensors, digital and interactive blackboards, and it is considered to be a ‘Smart School’. In addition to the PV facility it has construction passive elements (such as materials, orientation and so on) and nine solar thermal modules for domestic hot water use, that help to decrease the building energetic demand. Therefore, Enxaneta shcool has the A Class Energetic Classification of the ICAEN (Catalan Institute of Energy).

The PV generation plant sizes most of the roof surface. It is part of the local Smart Grid that includes other public buildings. The 396 PV modules produce 130 MWh per year, which represents 70% of the total school energy needs.

Demo Site main characteristics

Building typology: School
Construction area: 4.987,60 m2
Building floors: 3 floors
Location: Viladecans, Spain
PV total surface: 650,1 m2
Nominal power: 86 kW
Annual production: 130 MWh
BEMS: SolarView, Photovoltaic Management. DEXMA Energy Management