1. Technological partners


COMSA Corporation, Spain

logo comsa corporacion

COMSA Corporation is the second-largest Spanish unlisted group in the infrastructures, services, engineering and systems sector. The group has a presence in 25 countries (France, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, among others), a turn-over of 1.575 M€ and employs more than 8,500 people. COMSA Corporation has extensive experience in systems integration for building construction and infrastructures: public address systems, intercoms, telephony, CCTV, data transmission, HVAC, RHC, renewable energy, power generation and technical control of electromechanical installations. COMSA Corporation has participated in numerous projects involving system installations in buildings, management, technical and energy audits, energy-efficiency and RHC and renewable energy integration in buildings, among others. COMSA Corporation has experience in energy saving projects and has introduced into the market over 34 MW of photovoltaic electric production from which 17 MW are integrated into building’s elements. Some of these projects involve some major and emblematic local projects, such as the Port of Tarragona, the City of Justice in Barcelona, the offices of the Agbar Tower in Barcelona, the Hotel W in Barcelona, the Pompeu Fabra Library in Mataró, Imagina Visual Centre Esplugues, among others. COMSA Corporation through its subsidiaries have actively participated in different European R+D programmes (7FP INNOTRACK, 7FP URBANTRACK) as in national R+D programmes.

Role in the project:

COMSA Corporation is the project leader. It has developed all tasks related to PV, HVAC and building control systems due to its expertise in those fields. Moreover, it will be the final user of the technology and the validation manager.

DEXMA, Spain


DEXMA is a Spanish technological company that develops and commercializes energetic management software to the Construction, Tertiary and Industry sectors. It enables enterprises, buildings and consumers to monitor and manage the energetic consumption more efficiently. Therefore, it reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions. DEXMA provides a flexible, cost-effective set of integrated software and hardware tools that enable full visibility of energy consumption. Its intelligent energy management solution, DEXCell Energy Manager, is web-based and hardware-neutral and combines advanced monitoring, analysis, alerts and reporting in an easy-to-use dashboard-based SaaS solution. The company offers its software exclusively through a global network of over 200 partners in 32 countries. It provides its partners with full-scale business support including channel recruiting, training and sales enablement.

Role in the project:

As an expert in ICT and energetic consumption monitoring and managing, DEXMA has the role to develop the MIDNATTSSOL software.

2. External collaboration partners



Smart Grid Services Cluster and Hjellnes Consult are both Norwegian companies, experts in the energy sector. Smart Grid Services Cluster is a Norwegian industrial cluster that is developing, testing, demonstrating and commercializing new and smart solutions in the energy sector. Hjellnes Consult was founded in 1946 and is today a leading interdisciplinary engineering and design company in Norway. It has expertise in the following sectors: civil, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering and specifically in energy efficiency and HVAC systems.

Role in the project:

Both of them collaborate in the definition of technical and economic specifications of equipment and software to be developed in the project. They will also help in the product penetration in the Norwegian market and the diffusion of MIDNATTSSOL project.

3. Technical assistance of specialized companies

Specialized companies

CIATESA, TOPCLIMA, BAXI and CARRIER are relevant Spanish companies specialized in heat pump manufacturing and HVAC. Project results and their impact to their market volume are the principal interests to participate in MIDNATTSSOL project.

Role in the project:

They contribute in the HVAC system specifications and the difussion of MIDNATTSSOL, as well as the comercial explotation of the product.